The Impostors Metaverse is a social-gaming metaverse on a mission to:

  • Act as a bridge between the existing Web2 gaming culture and the promise of Web3 technology

  • Provide creators with robust tools to build and monetize original game modes and rich universes within the Impostors Metaverse

  • Provide players with fun social-gaming environments that contain opportunities to earn

The Hook

As the starting point of this exciting journey, Impostors is publishing its self-titled social deduction game to establish an engaged player base and lay the foundation for a thriving gaming ecosystem.

The first game mode is designed as the “hook” to kickstart the extensive Web3 economy that Impostors is powered by, and provide unparalleled opportunities to its player base. “Seeing is believing,” and by allowing players to experience the power of Web3 through immersive gameplay, Impostors will become a new vital cultural on-ramp for the blockchain industry at large.

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