LAND Ecosystem


LAND is designed as the scarcest and most productive asset class in the Impostors Metaverse. LAND owners have a monopoly on the production of MATERIALS, which are required for the leveling and breeding of Pets, upgrading and crafting of UFOs, and short-term earnings buffs. In addition, each plot of LAND can be leveled up to increase its production of MATERIALS – a process that requires copious amounts of BLOOD and MATERIALS.

In practice, participants across the ecosystem need what LAND owners are producing (MATERIALS), while LAND owners need what players in the core gameplay modes are producing (BLOOD). In this way, the Impostors Metaverse seeks to achieve a balance between the larger metaverse economy and the core game modes.

LAND holders produce MATERIALS that are key to PvP (Player-versus-Player) game modes such as UFO racing and Pet battles.

Genesis LAND will be determined by the combination of Genesis Season items that are bundled for the mint. The required items are:

  • Genesis Alien

  • Genesis UFO

  • Genesis Pet

Depending on the combination of the items above, holders will receive a deterministic plot of LAND. In other words, the same combination of items will always produce the same plot of Genesis LAND, while substituting items in the bundle may result in a different plot of Genesis LAND when bundled. Other items from the Genesis Season will not hold influence on the type of LAND that results from the bundling process, but will be required to be present in the minter’s wallet.

More details on each component of LAND will be released in a dedicated LAND Metapaper leading up LAND going live.


Each plot of LAND produces MATERIALS in the form of ERC-1155 NFTs, depending on the rarity and location of the LAND. More common MATERIALS will be required in higher quantities for key actions in the metaverse, while rarer MATERIALS will be required in smaller quantities. MATERIALS will be required to:

  • Level up Pets

  • Breed Pets

  • Upgrade LAND

  • Craft UFOs

  • Upgrade UFOs

  • And More

LAND will be generative and native to various galaxies, with differing types and quantities of MATERIALS produced on each plot. MATERIALS and the ecosystem around them will be critical to the metaverse economy, and exclusively produced by LAND owners.

More details on MATERIALS will be released in anticipation of LAND going live.

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