ERC721 Gas Optimizations

NFT investors know the struggle: NFT mints, while extremely exciting, can lead to quite some headaches – mainly because of high gas costs. Therefore, Impostors is implementing a series of innovative technical solutions that drastically reduce the costs of NFT minting!

The Benefits & Tradeoffs of Ethereum NFTs

While alternative Layer 1 protocols and Layer 2s are gaining traction, the reality is that most valuable NFT collections today still “live” on Ethereum; Impostors is no exception.

However, with the high security guarantees and value accrual that NFTs on Ethereum enjoy comes a cost: Gas fees for minting and transacting on Ethereum can be high and discourage the average person from participating in the NFT space, which is full of opportunities – Impostors wants to change this!

While calling the invaluable Ethereum network its home, Impostors aims to solve the dilemma of high trust vs. costs thanks to several cutting-edge implementations that increase the gas efficiency of Impostors NFTs.

This Is How Impostors Makes NFT Mints More Gas Efficient

Building on top of existing innovations by Ethereum core developers as well as leading NFT projects, Impostors developers have developed and executed various industry-leading gas optimizations. Let’s dive into the steps Impostors has taken to make NFT mints more gas efficient:

  • Updating owner balances all at once in a batch to save the gas otherwise accrued from multiple storage operations

  • Maintaining a sparse mapping of token owner balances to make mints as cheap as possible (shoutout to Azuki for first popularizing this)

  • Removing on-chain enumeration of items and unnecessary contract information to reduce deployment costs

  • Reducing the bytecode of deployment by switching entirely to a system of reverting on Solidity 0.8 errors instead of using any reversion string messages

  • We had so much fun optimizing our contract that we even renamed the mint function to mint_Qgo. Yes, this actually saves gas.

Impostors is doing everything to make NFT mints as fun and inclusive as possible. Our goal is to onboard the next generation of Web3 users to the Impostors Metaverse – and efficient NFT mints are a crucial element of this. Stay tuned for further updates, and don’t be hesitant to become active in our community!

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