Genesis Season

The Genesis Season (outlined in the Roadmap section) refers to the first series of events that occur after the Genesis Mint. Genesis Alien holders will need to yield BLOOD through staking in order to claim the various components of the Genesis Season. This means each event will only be open to Genesis minters if they HOLD their items! The game theory is designed to identify the “sus ones” within the group and prevent them from accessing the season's ultimate prize: LAND.

For a full description of each item included below, please refer to subsequent sections of the Metaverse Economy chapter of the MetaPaper.

Week 2 - Staking for BLOOD

  • Genesis Aliens will be able to be staked to earn BLOOD rewards that can be used to claim the subsequent items within the Genesis Season.

Week 4 - UFOs Mint

  • UFOs are a supplementary asset class core to the Impostors racing game mode.

Week 6 - Pets Mint

  • Pets are a supplementary asset class core to the Impostors battle game mode.

Week 8 - Materials Box Mint

  • A box of tradeable MATERIALS that users can open when the MATERIALS system goes live.

Week 10 - Cosmetics Chest Mint

  • A box of In-game cosmetics that users can open when customizable characters go live.

Closed Beta Access

  • Holders will gain access to the Closed Beta of Impostors.

Genesis Land Mint

  • Only holders who have the required items will be able to claim LAND. Genesis LAND is not a new NFT but rather a bundling of existing NFTs (Please refer to the LAND Ecosystem section for further details) to ensure that the utility and gamification of the Genesis Season continues for the lifetime of these assets.

Important: LAND will only be available to people who hold the required items from the Genesis Season, and have enough $BLOOD to mint LAND will enjoy the Materials that they produce!

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