Genesis Season Staking

Genesis Season Staking commences on Thursday, April 14, 2022 at 12pm PST/ 7pm UTC, ending after 97 days on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 12pm PST/ 7pm UTC. Genesis Alien holders can choose between flexible or time-locked staking pools with varying $BLOOD rewards. Genesis season staking ends on July 20th, 12 PM PST. V2 staking pools will be added at a later date, stay tuned for more information.

The Impostors Metaverse Economy Is Coming to Life

The time has almost come for Genesis Alien holders to stake their NFTs and begin accumulating $BLOOD — a token critical for the perilous journey through the Impostors ecosystem. Read the Impostors MetaPaper to find out more about the critical role $BLOOD plays in the Metaverse.

Why is it so important that you don’t forget to stake your Genesis Alien and earn $BLOOD? Because $BLOOD is the key to unlocking valuable items during the Impostors Genesis Season! Here is a preview of the upcoming events and how much $BLOOD will be required to mint each item:

In total, users who want to mint one of each item will need to accumulate 10,600 $BLOOD. It’s possible to either buy $BLOOD or simply stake your Genesis Alien and earn the required $BLOOD for free!

$BLOOD Staking Mechanics Explained

Genesis Alien staking is unique compared to other NFT staking contracts out there:

  • Transfer Lock based staking: Your NFT will always stay and be displayed in your wallet — even when staked. This way you can still verify that you own an NFT and show it off after staking.

There will be 4 pools available to stake in, each with different $BLOOD reward rates and time locks. Naturally, the longer you commit to staking your Genesis Alien, the more $BLOOD you will earn. The 4 staking pools available during Genesis Season Staking work as follows:

Pool / Time LockReward Rate Boost$BLOOD Earned per Day

Flex / No Time Lock

No Boost


30 Days

15% Boost


60 Days

30% Boost


90 Days

50% Boost


If you are staking in a time locked pool and the duration locked expires, you will automatically start to accrue the Flex Pool 100 $BLOOD a day until you either re-stake into an available pool or up until when the Genesis Season Staking ends (Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 12pm PST / 7pm UTC). V2 staking pools will be added at a later date, stay tuned for more information.

As stated above, it will require 10,600 $BLOOD to mint all Genesis Season items. Smart cookie users who do the math will be able to figure out that 10,600 / 100 = 106. This means FLEX pool stakers (with less conviction than those who choose a time lock) will need to stake for 106-days to generate enough $BLOOD to be able to mint their NFTs compared to those staking in timed locked pools who would meet requirements sooner.

Genesis Alien holders have 7 days to join the 90-day-lock pool. Do not miss this window if you plan to extract the maximum utility from your Genesis Alien! Keep in mind that whatever day you begin staking on during the first 7 day period, the 90-day pool will only last 90-days, at which point, depending on when you staked, you are automatically moved to the FLEX pool for the duration of the Genesis Season Staking.

Users who stake in the FLEX, 30-day or 60-day pool can still choose to stake in another pool if that pool’s deadline has not yet been reached. There are several options to stake during Genesis Season Staking; some examples:

  • If you initially staked your Genesis Alien in the FLEX pool, you can still choose to un- and re-stake in the 30-day pool before June 20 or the 60-day pool before May 21.

  • If you have staked in the 30-day pool during the initial 7 day window, you can re-stake twice in the 30-day pool or once in the 60-day pool if you do so straight after the initial 30-day lock ends.

  • You can also stake in the 60-day pool initially and then the 30-day or FLEX pool. The choice is yours to make!

Are you excited to earn your first $BLOOD via Genesis Season Staking? Then don’t forget to pull the trigger once staking goes live on April 14 and follow our updates!

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