Cosmetic NFTs

One of the biggest draws of any online multiplayer gaming ecosystem is the ability for players to express their personality and skills through the acquisition and use of avatars, in-game items, and cosmetic upgrades. Impostors is dedicated to bringing the highest quality of utility, art, and character design to the NFT gaming space.

Impostors will allow players to customize the look and feel of certain characters with individual cosmetic items, such as backpacks, hats, body patterns, eye traits, bodysuits, pants, and more. This will not be the case for generative NFTs like the Genesis Alien but rather for non-generative characters and equippable items.

In-game cosmetics in Impostors serve as visual upgrades that enhance the experience of playing. Like comparable Free-to-Play multiplayer games, cosmetics are the primary revenue source for publishers. True to their name, cosmetics provide no advantage in gameplay or stat boosts.

Cosmetic NFTs will each have a 0.1% chance to roll a “special” trait that adds a unique visual effect to the item, and also enables the player to earn BLOOD rewards while equipped. Cosmetics “chests” will be purchasable by spending BLOOD.

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