Ecosystem Tokenomics


The governance token that controls the Impostors Metaverse economy is SUPER, an ERC-20 token native to the SuperFarm protocol. All decisions surrounding governance will be made via SUPER token voting on This represents the first steps towards full decentralization and empowers holders worldwide to take control over a next-generation gaming ecosystem.

All proposals for how SUPER DAO will manage the Impostors project will be coordinated on Initially, the DAO will propose a 5% ecosystem tax on all peer-to-peer trades across the NFT ecosystem, including the core immersive game modes as well as UFO racing, Pet battling, and LAND. If the proposal is successfully passed, the tax will flow into a DAO treasury controlled by SUPER token holders.

For example, SUPER holders can vote on whether DAO treasury funds should be used to acquire IP, be sent to token holders, or anything else that passes the proposal structure as outlined by the SuperFarm Foundation Governance Guidelines.

In addition, some events, such as the Genesis Season Pass NFT Drop, will allow (or even require) players to spend SUPER to participate.


The utility token within the Impostors Metaverse is BLOOD. It’s the vital resource earned by players through investing their time and effort in the game. BLOOD is required for various upgrades and utility across the gaming ecosystem. BLOOD is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

BLOOD is the primary resource emitted to reward players within the core game mode of Impostors, beginning with the flagship social deduction mode. Initially, BLOOD will be emitted exclusively to Genesis Season minters via a time-lock staking system, where longer stakes earn higher daily rewards.

Fair Launch

Unlike many other gaming ecosystem tokens, BLOOD will not be issued to the market via a token sale. Token sales tend to create tremendous sell-pressure from external participants that can hurt the growth of an ecosystem. Instead, BLOOD will only be issued through “Play-and-Earn mining”, thus rewarding participation within the Impostors ecosystem. The token will have a 100% fair launch without any predatory tokenomics.

The fair launch principle is critical to providing stability and trust in the Impostors economy. Instead of allowing whales and insiders to buy the token at pre-market prices, creating BLOOD emissions will require time and energy.

BLOOD Emissions

Blood is emitted primarily as a reward for the time spent in the core gameplay mode of Impostors, beginning with social deduction and then expanding to new gameplay experiences. The more players in the ecosystem, the more BLOOD can be created.

BLOOD will only be emitted in two ways:

  • Genesis Alien Staking which begins 2 weeks after mint

  • Play-and-Earn Rewards within core gameplay after Open Beta

By directly targeting active players, BLOOD emissions are one of the primary tools to attract new and engage existing players within the ecosystem. This “hook” leads to a self-perpetuating feedback loop that drives ecosystem growth.

BLOOD emissions are also interconnected with the in-game items and NFTs within the Impostors Metaverse. With more BLOOD entering the ecosystem, additional quantities of UFOs, Pets, and higher tier LAND can be created. Thus, BLOOD emissions and consumption will evolve over time, in relation to the player base, while targeting a sustainable equilibrium.

BLOOD Consumption

BLOOD is required for almost everything within the Impostors Metaverse across several game modes. BLOOD will be needed for a wide array of both ad hoc and ongoing activities throughout the Impostors Metaverse, including but not limited to:

  • NFT Character mints

  • In-game Cosmetics mints

  • UFO crafting and upgrades

  • Pet breeding and training

  • LAND minting and leveling

In the Metaverse Economy section below, the many activities for which BLOOD will be used and spent within the Impostors Metaverse as well as the token’s interplay with the various in-game assets will be described in detail.

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