Pets Ecosystem


A Pet is a small companion that follows each Impostor during a match as well as the pillar of an interoperable pvp Battle mode. At first sight, Pets are endearing cosmetic collectibles with a proven popularity in traditional games. In Impostors, Pets serve as the centerpieces of the dedicated battle game mode and create consistent micro-interactions within the ecosystem.

Pets can be battled against each other to compete for BLOOD and MATERIALS rewards. They will require substantial quantities of BLOOD to remain competitive within the game.

Pets Roadmap

Pet Battles Gameplay Overview

The core gameplay mode for pets is a pvp battle mode in which pets can earn BLOOD and MATERIALS for beating other players in the arena. Pets will have core stats pertaining to their native galaxy and rarity. These stats can be boosted in battles with a variety of equippable NFTs:

  • Weapon: Each pet can hold one weapon that will increase attack power, and can have synergies with the Pet’s DNA based on native galaxy and attack style.

  • Shield: Different shields can add defense buffs against different styles of attacks and abilities.

  • Aura: An aura boosts specific stats and is represented with cool visual effects

  • Ability: Abilities can be either offensive or defensive and contribute to winning battles.

More details on each component of Pets will be released in a dedicated Pets Metapaper leading up to the release of this game mode

Pet Evolution

Players must spend BLOOD each time they wish to evolve their Pet. Each subsequent level requires double the quantity of BLOOD. Pet leveling will be capped at level 10 to prevent whales from creating insurmountable advantages.

Spectator Experience

Pet battling is a game mode being built with deference to the spectators. While the initial visual experience will be limited, battles will evolve to become exciting for non-participants to watch and speculate on.


The Impostors developers aim to design Pet battles as an interoperable game mode so that NFTs from partner games can also be battled on the platform and rewarded with Play-and-Earn incentives. This will fulfill some of the essential promises of NFT interoperability desired by the Web3 community. This experimental feature is still being researched.

More details on each component of Pets and battles will be released in a dedicated Pets Metapaper leading up to the release of this game mode.

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