UFO Ecosystem


UFOs are a supplementary asset class core to the Impostors racing game mode. UFOs are composed of five primary components, some of which are ecquippable and tradable sub-NFTs: a blueprint, a wingset, thrusters, an engine, and a paint job.

UFOs can be raced by their owners or lent to someone else and paired with Aliens to achieve stat boosts according to their synergies. Winners of UFO races can earn Materials and BLOOD tokens to further upgrade their ships (or use them in other ways in the ecosystem).

UFO Roadmap

UFO Gameplay Overview

UFO racing is a separate game mode where UFOs progress down a race track towards a finish line. UFOs will perform automatically based on the stats of their ships as well as racing location and conditions. Asteroids and space debris, which act as obstacles, randomly move around the environment, slowing or damaging any UFOs they hit. The first UFO past the finish line without being destroyed wins.

UFO Economics Overview

  • Race UFOs by wagering BLOOD

  • Spend MATERIALS to upgrade UFO components (engine, thrusters, wingset, fuel tank, paint job)

  • Earn BLOOD and MATERIALS by winning or reaching the podium in UFO races

  • Stake SUPER into UFOs to increase LUCK and avoid obstacles (asteroids and space debris)

  • Spend BLOOD and MATERIALS to repair damaged UFOs

  • Spend extra BLOOD to wax the surface of your UFO which increases aerodynamics

  • Buy, sell, trade UFOs and their component NFTs on the open market. Assemble the ultimate ship

  • Galaxy (metadata trait): each UFO has a native galaxy that contributes to its base stats and cosmetic appearance.

A predictive model for BLOOD consumption within the UFO ecosystem is currently being developed and will be shared once finalized.

UFO Attachments

Players need to combine four sub-NFTs using BLOOD and MATERIALS to create a custom UFO:

  • Wingset: provide better handling and help avoid obstacles at a higher rate.

  • Engine: defines the overall speed range of the ship when not using boosts from thrusters

  • Thrusters: provide a single burst of speed that can be used once each race.

  • Paint Job: the exterior of the ship can be coated with different qualities of paint, any of which can be waxed as a temporary boost that will provide improved aerodynamics and reduce drag during the race.

For Genesis Season, users will claim a single UFO item that will reveal the home galaxy and rarity of the item, using a single placeholder image (not generative). When the UFO mode launches full functionality and equippable NFTs, holders of Genesis Season UFO NFTs will be able to access more functionality.

Spectator Experience

UFO racing is a game mode that is being built with deference to the spectators. While the initial visual experience will be limited, the racing experience will evolve to become one that is exciting for non-racers to watch and speculate on.

More details on each component of UFOs will be released in a dedicated UFO Racing Metapaper leading up to the release of this game mode

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